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Private Counseling


What To Expect At Your Visit

   In our introductory session, I'll listen to your concerns what has been helpful in the past.  As I learn more, I'll suggest ways we can work together.  My approach is direct, compassionate, and supportive.

    Along with conventional talk-therapy, it is sometimes helpful to incorporate gentle movement, mind-body awareness practices, and the use of art materials.  These approaches can improve self-awareness by connecting thoughts and emotions to the body's response to distress.


  We'll work together at a pace appropriate to your readiness level.  My goal for those seeking help is to facilitate a safe exploration of strategies that foster greater satisfaction and contentment in life. 

Counseling for Individuals

Turning toward our pain, we begin to heal.

When life presents challenges it's natural to seek help from people we love and trust.  At times, a professional counselor can also add significant value to your circle of support by providing the objective expertise and confidentiality needed to more fully address your concerns.

As your therapist I can offer the benefit of experience and research shown to be effective in working with the kinds of difficulties you now face.  Our work together will help you tap into your natural strengths and bypass the pitfalls on your path to healing.  You'll develop healthier, more satisfying ways to meet all that life presents -- the good, the bad, and the in-between of day-to-day living. 


Counseling for Couples

Relationships offer our greatest opportunity for personal growth.

Sometimes partnering with someone we love can be our biggest challenge.  Sticking with it can also afford an equally bigger and more valuable opportunity for growth and learning.  Balancing partner needs and differences isn't easy.  When difficulties emerge, confusion can set in, making it unclear how to serve the best interests of ourselves and our relationship.  

In couples sessions both participants experience a supportive place to voice their concerns.  In  time, partners learn and practice ways of listening and speaking without feeling the urge to interrupt, withdraw, shut down, or defend. 

Together we'll map out what contributes to a mutually satisfying relationship by identifying the joys and the derailers, i.e. anger, fear, and old unresolved hurts. 


As partners learn how to support their individual needs while honoring the needs of their

beloved, a door opens.  With practice couples can enjoy a more gratifying, sustainable relationship together.   

Counseling for Families

  With all the expectations and demands at school, work, and home it's easy to feel lost in the pressures and internal fears of losing family unity.  Add a crisis to the mix and family life becomes very tough.  My goal is to help families sort out the complex issues weighing them down and find caring, effective ways of addressing the often conflicting needs of children, parents, and extended family. 

  In family sessions each member's perspective is valued, allowing all issues of concern to be openly voiced.  Parents and children may need use new ways of listening and speaking so than communication becomes more helpful, less hurtful.  

  I'll offer practical skills that release family members from the "blame game."  The focus will shift into applying new approaches for tackling tough issues. 

 When everyone works together, families emerge feeling closer, stronger, and better equipped to handle the crises and the daily hassles of everyday living.

Meditation Coaching, Workshops, & Retreats

With You Every Step of the Way

Meditation Coaching

     Whether you are new to meditation, re-establishing a practice, or looking to deepen your current practice, coaching can help clear the path of common challenges. 


Man's Best friend

Workshops & Retreats

    A variety of workshops and retreats are offered year round.  Check the tab below to see the current schedule. 

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