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Nature Immersion Walks

This offering invites you to set an intention

for a mindful walk along a garden or forest path. 

Opening your heart, mind, and body to your surroundings, you may choose

to simply savor the balm of a natural setting ...

or invite the wisdom of the environment to

help guide answers in your life.


Proven benefits include lower blood pressure,

improved sleep quality,

decreased anxiety levels and an increase in

physical, emotional,

and spiritual


Please see the link here for more information.

Every cell of your body is "nature" and we are all made up of elements that can be found in all earth beings.  How could it be different? We are ourselves "nature" and we don't need to "go to nature" to feel that beautiful connection.

In truth, separation is an illusion.

It is perpetuated and reinforced by a lifestyle that keeps us immersed in "climate controlled" environments. Comfortably "protected" from the "elements", we become chronically cut off from feeling, tasting, smelling, hearing, and

seeing the natural world. 


Learning to Listen

The earth is speaking to us, we are learning to listen. 

When we walk slowly, with our senses open, our mind, and heart receptive, we not only see, but begin to feel the natural draw to reclaim our human being-ness in deep relationship with the vast network of all earth beings.


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What to Expect

We will first meet by phone or Zoom to discuss the setting that best matches your expectations and intentions for your immersion experience.

In this initial conversation I'll also describe suggested guided practices and the general pace
of our session. 

One Hour

Location Options

Admission Fees Included
(all ADA Accessible)
LanSu Chinese Garden
The Portland Japanese Garden
Forest Park Lower MacLeay Trail

Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden
Reed College Canyon
Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge

What should I bring?
Beverage Bottle/Snack
Wear weather appropriate clothing.

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