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Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 



My office is in SE Portland near Reed College. 



I offer a free 20' online consultation.


Individuals     $155/hour    



Couples       $225/90 minutes  



Families       $275/90 minutes   



     Payment plans may be available and must be confirmed prior to your scheduled session.  I do not bill insurance directly, but provide a receipt with necessary info for you to submit a claim.  Please verify your insurance policy regarding reimbursement for out of network providers.

  24 hour cancellation notification is required to avoid being charged for counseling sessions.  Missed stress/relapse prevention classes are not reimbursable.  I will provide handouts and a brief review of the missed session.

  Confidentiality is protected.  I will not share any information with any party without your written permission with the following exceptions:
a) I have reason to believe you may harm your self or others.
b) I have reason to believe a child, parent, partner, elder, or otherwise vulnerable person is at risk of or is currently experiencing abuse.

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