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Calm Sea

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

     Over 30 years of research prove MBSR's effectiveness in reducing stress.  Developed by renowned author and researcher, Jon Kabat-Zinn, this class introduces a variety of practices to deepen awareness of our physical, emotional, and cognitive responses to life's ups and downs.  Left unchecked, stress takes a toll on our physical and emotional health. 
     The good news is that MBSR significantly reduces the harmful effects of everyday hassles as well as the bigger life crises.  You'll learn how to respond to your life and relationships with increased

calm, clarity and ease.

What to Expect

     Each session offers information, guidance, and first hand experience practicing informal everyday awareness skills and formal meditation for reducing stress.
     You'll receive your own Home Practice Guide and links to recorded meditations to help you create a daily routine outside of class.  Dress in loose-fitting, comfortable clothing.  The course is offered at Sellwood Yoga, 7970 SE 13TH Ave.  Here you'll find a beautiful and comfortable setting furnished with chair and floor cushion seating.  To register and learn more about Sellwood Yoga, click here. 

Course Highlights

  • Recognizing Automatic Pilot & Cultivating Mindful Awareness

    • Informal Practices

      • mindful awareness of routine activities; mindful breathing, eating, seeing, listening moving.

    • Formal Practice:

      • Body Scan


  • Exploring the Cycle of Stress

    • Informal Practice

      • Noticing triggers and the urge to react; addressing practice challenges.

    • Formal Practice

      • Sitting Meditation


  • Responding vs. Reacting

    • Informal Practice

      • Mindful Movement

      • Mindful Communication

    • Formal Practice:

      • Sitting and Walking Meditation

      • Cultivating self-compassion & acceptance 


  • Staying Present by Working with Neurobiology

    • Informal Practice

      • Identifying stress signatures

      • Integrating mindfulness into daily life

    • Formal Practice

      • Establishing and sustaining a daily mindfulness practice

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