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The Medicine of Slowing Down
A Practice of Wintering
An al
l-day immersion 

Stay Tuned

What to Expect

Honoring our bodies – The Ritual of Movement

  • Listening with the whole body

  • Moving to the tune of nature


Honoring our truth – The Ritual of Acknowledging Joy and Sorrow

  • A sensory exercise exploring the oneness of both

  • Self-Compassion, Self-Forgiveness

  • Forgiveness reframed

  • Sensing our “blessons”


Honoring our spirit - The Ritual of Deep Play

  • Exploring sensory absorption in the outside world

  • Creating DreamSpace (from Trisha Hersey’s Rest is Resistance)

  • Making an offering and giving thanks


Honoring all wisdom – The Ritual of knowing and not knowing

  • Meditation as deep listening

  • Giver, Receiver, and Gift as one 

  • Spontaneous acts of gratitude and loving wishes

  • Cultivating a menu of practices that affirm and nurture your highest self


Schedule of our Day

 Opening Circle

  • Welcome and settling into the retreat mind

  • Grounding practice to bring us home into our bodies

  • Practice ~ Intention Gathering and Offering


 Honoring Our Bodies - Practices

  • Movement to spark sensory awareness

  • Sound Bath- listening with the entire body

  • Flower Essence- to begin conversation with the land spirits

  • Outside Practice – moving with natural rhythms


Guided Intro to Silent Lunch and Deep Rest Practice

  • Savoring the delight of the senses

  • Acknowledging the 1000 hands who bring us this food

  • Resting as a sacred act of self-care


Honoring Our Truth – Practices

  • Awakening the Heart

  • Honoring our Joys and Sorrows

  • Naming the “Blessons” (Blessings and Lessons) from our grief

  • Guided Self-Compassion Practice

  • Guided Forgiveness Practice


Honoring Our Spirit through the Ritual of Deep Play

  • Deep Play Introduction

  • Outside Practice

  • Engaging and absorbing the magic of spirit/self-directed play

  • Giving Meaning to Gratitude

  • The ritual of receiving and making offerings


Receiving, Honoring, and Sharing Wisdom in All Its Forms

  • Meditation as deep listening

  • Acknowledging giver, receiver, and gift as one


Integrating Today’s Gifts into Our Daily Life

  • Creating a Menu to sustain a practice of intention setting, creating ritual, offering ourselves love


5:30 pm – Closing Reflections

5:50 pm – Closing Ritual

Meet Your Retreat Facilitators

Denise Gour, LCSW

     Denise is honored to offer counseling and mindfulness courses in her private practice, residential health care centers, hospitals, and education settings.  As clinician and teacher, she aims to encourage everyone to trust their own  innate power to heal and grow.  Denise is especially inspired by those who seek to grow beyond imposed limitations.

    She is a Zen Buddhist in the

Soto lineage of Taizan Maezumi Roshi and completed her Buddhist Chaplaincy training with Upaya Zen Center in 2021.


     When not working she enjoys regular replenishment from the natural beauty of our Oregon forests, spending time with her family, and learning from many wise teachers. 



Ariel Hart

      Ariel is an energy/magick/sound healing practitioner, intuitive, yoga guide, and artist. Aligning and healing with the magic of nature in the northwest is an important part of her calling.


     Ariel recognizes the importance of being in-right relationship with the land and honors the first nations people who stewarded the earth we practice, live and work upon (her home is on Clackamas territories).


     Ariel is passionate about calling in new ways of being through decolonial learning, her teacher is Dra. Rosales Meza. She is currently in mentorship with plant, land and stone essence maker and healer, Shayne Case.


     Ariel is one of the founding teachers at Elk Rock Yoga and continues to guide classes, immersions and trainings with the community. Ariel is a certified 200h yoga teacher (2007, Yoga Union) and a level 3 Reiki practitioner (2012, Northwest Healing Academy).


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