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Mindful Medicine
on the Go

Weekly Wednesdays
8-9 pm

Encouragement and support
for medical professionals

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Hiking Path in Forest

Our offering is an invitation to drop into deep inter-being connection within a lovely wooded setting. Throughout the day you’ll receive guidance, inspiration, and an opportunity to create a personal menu of intentions, rituals, and acts of self-kindness to serve you in everyday life.

 Our Intention is to unfurl the bindweeds of self-limiting beliefs and welcome in guidance from the natural world.  Our teachings include, poems, readings, and sensory based explorations in alignment with the tree elders, plants, birds and all wise beings.  We welcome and encourage your curiosity, your sense of adventure, and your courage to break through the narrow confines of fixed beliefs.

 The Practices point the way to disentanglement from worry, fear, and rumination. Attachments that limit us to yes/no, like/dislike, always/never are explored using eyes/ears, nose/tongue, and physical sensation.  As the sense gates open wider and wider, new possibilities emerge.  Sparks of insight clarify the impermanent nature of reality. By trusting in your present-moment experience, your power and position in the natural world becomes reaffirmed.  You are not alone. You belong here. You have much to offer and much to receive.


 Professional training and workshops are tailored to meet the specific needs of your team and team leadership.


 Mindfulness practices at work are proven to:

  • reduce stress and burnout

  • improve communication with managers, colleagues, clients, patients, and students

  • strengthen compassion for self and others

  • increase job satisfaction

  • improve emotional well-being

  • rediscover joy in working

Mindful Resilience
at Work

Private Counseling

My availability for private counseling is limited to returning clients at this time.

Two good resources for finding therapists are and


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