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Consultation, Training, & Workshops


Consultation and Staff Training
for Professionals

Consultation  Mindfulness practices are easily integrated into everyday working environments.  My consultation service offers employers flexible options for creating an environment that supports effective stress management, lifts staff morale, and improves relations with the people they serve. 

Workshops & Training  Depending on your schedule and budget, stress reduction workshops range from the official 8-week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction program to single-event presentations.  All include a pre-event consultation to ensure the experience meets the specific needs of your business, school, or healthcare setting.  I also offer one-day overviews of the Mindfulness Based Relapse Prevention curricula (MBRP and MBCT) for health care providers interested in learning more about how these approaches support recovery from addictions and/or depression.            



My workshops are available to businesses, yoga studios, health care sites, and schools.  They are generally half or one-day presentations. 


To request a workshop

Call 503.860.1227 or email
dgour@mindfulplace.com . 

Sample topics are listed below. 

Mindfulness Program Overviews 
Overviews of MBSR, MBCT, AND MBRP
Stress Reduction in the Workplace
Stress Reduction for Parents & Childcare Workers
Mindful Eating
Mindful Stress Reduction
Mindful Recovery
Mindful Life Changes
Introduction to Meditation  

Mindfulness for Busy People
Mindfulness for Emotional Balance

Family and Extended Family Relations 

Stress Reduction for Parents
Mindful Strategies for Successful Marriage & Relationships
Mindful Strategies for Adult Children with Challenging Parents

Adjustments to Life Changes  

Grief and Loss
Career Shifts
Divorce & Separation 

Mindful Place Counseling & Stress Reduction    Denise Gour  503.860.1227  dgour@mindfulplace.com