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MBSR Portland, Mindfulness Basics, Easing into Change


Taking the Sting Out of Stress.

 Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction-MBSR 
An 8-week class & day retreat

    Over 30 years of research prove MBSR's effectiveness in taking the sting out of stress.  Developed by renowned author and researcher, Jon Kabat-Zinn, this class introduces a variety of practices to deepen awareness of our physical, emotional, and cognitive responses to life's ups and downs.  Left unchecked, stress takes a toll on our physical and emotional health. 
     The good news is that MBSR significantly reduces the harmful effects of everyday hassles as well as the bigger life crises.  You'll learn how to manage your life and relationships with increased calm, clarity and ease.

What to expect.  Each session offers information, guidance, and first hand experience for learning everyday awareness skills and meditation practices for reducing stress.  Sessions are similar to those briefly described below under Basics of Mindfulness, Levels One and Two.  More detail and practice opportunities are provided in the MBSR program. 
     Small class sizes allow for individual attention and support.  You'll receive your own Home Practice Guide and two CD's to help you create a daily routine outside of class.  Dress in loose-fitting, comfortable clothing.

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Location, Current Schedule & Registration

Introduction to Mindfulness: A 4-week course drawn from the original 8-week MBSR course

     Ideal for people with limited time schedules or as an introduction to the MBSR program described above.  No matter how busy you are, you'll find effective ways to minimize your stress while maximizing the health restoring moments in your life.

What to expect.  Each class offers practical, easy to use tools for integrating mindfulness practices into everyday living. As these practices become more second nature, you'll find yourself meeting stressful moments with less reactivity and more mental clarity and emotional calm.

Four Session Overview
  Automatic Pilot ~ Cultivating mindful awareness; Informal Mindful Practices: breathing, eating, seeing, listening moving.
Formal Practice: Body Scan
Informal Practice: Awareness of a routine activity; Breathing Space  
2. Exploring the Cycle of Stress ~ Noticing triggers; Surfing the urge to react; addressing practice challenges.
Formal Practice: Sitting Meditation
Informal Practice; Pleasant Moments Calendar; Awareness of a new routine activity
3. Exploring Behavior Change ~ Stages of Change; Cultivating self-compassion & acceptance 
Formal Practice: Mindful movement
Informal Practice: Unpleasant Moments Calendar
4. Staying Present by Working with Neurobiology ~ Overriding the brain's negativity bias; Taking in the good meditation; Identifying your stress signatures and ways to work with them.
Formal Practice: Establishing and sustaining a daily mindulness practice
Informal Practice: Integrating mindful awareness into your daily life

Location, Current Schedule & Registration

Fees and Policies

Easing Into Change

Mindful Foundations for Making Life Changes 
 An 8-week class & full day retreat

     A decision to make a behavioral change in your life is a powerful step in transforming long established habits and patterns of thinking.  This class describes the stages of change process and supports you as you overcome obstacles to reaching your goal.

What to expect.  Each week you'll learn about the dynamics of the change process and the science behind successful behavior change.  Hands on learning offers practical skills to build on your strengths, reinforce your success, and make lasting change possible.