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     At Mindful Place you have lots of choices.   You may be looking for counseling, a one-time workshop, stress reduction coaching or support for maintaining recovery from addiction or depression.  Possibly, combining a mix of services is the best option for you.  Here you'll find the flexibility to make the best choices for your current needs, schedule and budget.   If you have questions and would like assistance we can explore your preferences together and find a plan that seems right for you. 

A Little About Me, Denise Gour, LCSW

     I  am a licensed therapist certified by the Oregon State Board of Clinical Social Workers since 1998. My additional certifications are for professional instruction of yoga and mindfulness practices.  I have over 15 years of experience working in local clinics, schools, prisons, community businesses, and residential treatment settings.  I offer a richly integrated therapy approach that supports awareness and healing of the mind-body connection.  In addition to my therapy practice, I lead regularly scheduled retreats and training workshops for businesses, health care organizations, and schools.
CONTACT: 503-860-1227  dgour@mindfulplace.com

Denise Gour, LCSW Therapist in Portland Therapist

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CONTACT: 503-860-1227    dgour@mindfulplace.com